• Gbai Town, Bomi County, Liberia
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  • info@fatusfarms.com
Men at work
We are more of a family than colleaques at Fatu's Farms. We ensure that our workers feel safe and welcome in an environment where everyone is important.
CE0 & Project Manager
We are dedicated to producing premium qaulity. Our fisrt step is emeploy premium (professionals) employees to ensure that our standard is kept and improved at all times.
Gender Sensitive
Fatu's Farms is an equal opportunity company with zero gender discrimination. We are looking to have about 60% of our employers to be women.

Fatu’s Farms Inc. is a start-up agricultural company with valid business registration Certificate to operate in the agricultural and value addition to agricultural produces sectors in Liberia. As per our scope of operations, we are strategically located in the fertile soil county of Bomi with sales offices in Tubmanburg and Monrovia.

At Fatu’s Farms, we practice responsible agriculture taking into consideration the negative effect of deforestation and environmental pollution.

We cultivate lands that accommodated previous farms to ensure minimal damage to forest lands.

We are currently operating on a 20 Acres of farmland with cassava production and value addition in the areas of garri, starch, animals’ feeds, and cassava flour.

At Fatu’s Farms, we collaborate with villages to make farms on community lands so as to benefit both the community and the company. We provide farming tools and feeding for the village and/or community project. After the harvest, the yield is shared between the community and/or village and the company at 50 -50 shares. The company then buys the community and/or village’s shares and process. 

Cassava being the second most important crop in Liberia, we process it into finshed products to add more fun to the recipe for both humans and animals. We process the cassava tubers in garri, flour and animals feeds for pigs and birds.

We produce nutritious animals feeds that keep the animals healthy and happy with a special selection of cassava species.