• Gbai Town, Bomi County, Liberia
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Fatu’s Farms Inc. is an agricultural company that aims at improving the livelihood of the individuals in rural Liberia while maximizing profits. We operate in the agricultural and value addition to agricultural produces sectors in Liberia. As per our scope of operations, we are strategically located in the fertile soil county of Bomi with sales offices in Tubmanburg and Monrovia.

At Fatu’s Farms, we practice responsible agriculture taking into consideration the negative effect of deforestation and environmental pollution.

We cultivate lands that accommodated previous farms to ensure minimal damage to forest lands.

We are currently operating on a 20 Acres of farmland with cassava production and value addition in the areas of garri, starch, animals’ feeds, and cassava flour.

At Fatu’s Farms, we collaborate with villages to make farms on community lands so as to benefit both the community and the company. We provide farming tools and feeding for the village and/or community project. After the harvest, the yield is shared between the community and/or village and the company at 50 -50 shares. The company then buys the community and/or village’s shares and process it. We also employ members of the communities to help in the processing of the raw materials.

In addition to that, we give loans to farmers to expand their farms to increase yields and we in return buy the raw materials and process it into the above-mentioned finished products.

The cassava processing sector is an embryonic one as people in Liberia are just getting to realize the potential of cassava. With the increase in economic hardship, people are in desire need of alternatives to rice in Liberia, and garri is a best bet.

The garri market is small that there is always shortage of Garri in Liberia.

Products / Services
Farms Support Program

As a mean of increasing production, we give loans to farmers to help them grow more cassava.

After the harvest, the farmers pay the loans back in raw cassava and we then buy the remaining cassava.

Garri Processing / Sales

We produce instant garri with milk, coconut and sugar that is ready to eat along with garri that can be used to prepare other recipe like Eba, Acheke, etc.

Animals feed processing / sales

We process quality animal feeds for both pigs and birds.

Our animal feeds are a mixture of cassava and other proteins that will keep your pigs and birds healthy for a better market price.

Starch processing / sales

To minimize waste and avoid polution, we process the water from the garri dewatering process into high quality starch for clothes.

Cassava leaves sauce
Processing / Sales

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Agricutural Training / Partnership

We provide training for aspiring and old farmers to have a better understanding on new farming methods.

We also partner with farmers to increase yields.